Play Cut The Rope 2


Do you love to play puzzle games? If yes, then Cut the Rope is the one of the famous arcade video games available in Play Store or Apple app store. Hey, but there are different versions of the game too.

Versions of the game

There are multiple versions of the Cut the Rope game: Classic, Time Travel, Magic, Experiments, Friends. Cut the rope 2 is the latest addition to the popular game.

Game play – How to play?

Each of these levels exhibit a piece of Candy bar is hanged on one or multiple ropes. Here the player has to cut it with the swipe of the finger using the touch screen of the device.

Various objects like bellows and floating bubbles are available. These are used to manipulate the candy and to cut through the obstacles. Then the objective is achieved, that is, to lead the candy to Om Nom's mouth.

Each level box or pack produces a wide range of new challenges. Each level gives an opportunity to win 0 to 3 stars. Depending on how many stars a player can collect, the point score is determined. Also the amount of time taken to complete each level is also considered.

Cost – Is the game available for free?

The game is available for free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But in app purchases available are in the game which makes it convenient for the players to collect more stars and unlock more levels.

Type of the game and the developers

Cut the Rope has various physics based puzzle games. The game is developed by a Russian company Zeptolab.

Date of release – Different versions of Cut the Rope Game

Cut the rope - 2010
The Rope 2 - 2013 on iOS and 2014 on Android
Time Travel - 2013
Magic - 2015
Experiments - 2011

Publishers of the game – Who, What, When?

Original version of the game was published by chillingo in 2010.

Later, the Triple treat was published by activation. The rest of the games as mentioned before were published by Zeptolab.

Available platforms for the game

iOs, Android, Widows Phone, Nook, Firefox OS, Chrome OS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo eShop, Blackberry, Windows, Browser, Mac OS X, Symbian, Blackberry 10, Leap Motion.

Genre of the game

The game belongs to a puzzle logic genre.

Mode of the game

This is a single-player game. It can be played online.

Basic Overview of the series

The aim of this amazing game is to feed some candies to a green frog named Om Nom and thereby collecting stars. This game has already crossed over 600 million downloads.

Comprehensive overview of each version

1. Cut the Rope – The game was first premiered on 4th October, 2010 for the iOS platform. This was a native version. According to the developer Chillingo, the game is the fastest selling iOS game as per the number of sales.

2. Time Travel Released on 17th April, 2014, the game traces Om Nom’s journey in travel to his ancestors’ time. The game now instructs the players to feed candy to the two monsters instead of only one.

3. Experiments – The game, released on 4th August, 2011 is a sequel to the earlier Cut the Rope game. The gameplay of this version is somewhat similar to the previous one but the only exception is that it introduces a new element called storyline and the characters. For example, the professor here offers a running commentary through the game. Once the players win more levels and collect the hidden pictures, they get more information about the Om Nom’s character.

4. Cut the Rope 2 – This version was released on 19th December, 2014 for iOS platform. It expands the storyline of the game and adds more dynamic environment and monster characters. Features like maps, hidden star boxes are included in the game. In this version, various free to play arcade games are also available. Playing a certain number of these mini games return a fixed number of stars.

5. The Triple Treat – Released on 25th March, 2014, the game includes three extra levels in addition to the previous levels.

6. My Om Nom – Released on 18th December 2014, the game allows every player their own Om Nom to play with, dress up and feed. Naturally, this game has more customization and options and personalization features. It also includes some simple mini games involving the changing appearance of Om Nom.

7. The Magic – Released on 17th December 2015 for both Android and iOS device, this game offers a comprehensive insight into the transportation of Om Nom into a storybook world. Here various magical elements are involved. Battling with a fierce candy lovig wizard is one of the unique aspects of the game.

This game also allows a new transformative element to Om Nom and lets it shrink or transform into absolutely a different animal. Here too, a map is included that helps the players to find out various hidden features.

Cut the Rope game level packs

1. Cardboard box
2. Fabric box
3. Foil box
4. Magic Box – it was first released on 5th April 2011.
5. Valentine Box – It was first introduced on 14th February 2011
6. Invisible Box – It first came into the focus on 25th March 2015. The players need to complete all the levels and collect all the available stars, as well as win all the obstacles. Finally, a secret battle with the spiders will lead them to unlock this box.
7. Toy Box – It was first introduced in July of 2011.
8. Gift Box
9. Cosmic Box – It was first introduced on 16th December 2010.
10. Toolbox – It was first introduced on October 2011
11. Buxx Box
12. DJ Box
13. Spooky Box
14. Stream Box – it was first introduced on 10th January, 2013.
15. Lantern Box
16. Cheese Box – it was first released on 26th July, 2013.
17. Pillow Box
18. Mechanical Box – It was first released on 25th March 2015.
So, what are you still waiting for? Work your way by manipulating the obstacles and cutting the rope for your candy to enjoy success at every level.